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28.02.2018 10:57

Elections in 2018 - a Viability Test for EU Values

Elections in 2018 - a Viability Test for EU Values

“General elections in 2018 will be a viability test for the EU brand in the Republic of Moldova and for the ability of pro-European forces to find common ground in the competition with the pro-Russian politicians, not for ideological alignment, but rather for the accomplishable European future of the Republic of Moldova." This is the opinion of Dumitrita Stratan, one of the authors of the report "Perspectives for Political Families and Pro-European Coalitions in the Republic of Moldova: Building a Progressive Alternative for 2018", launched by Foundation for Modern Democracy today.

Sergiu Barba, the other author of the FDM study, believes that "in a pro-European framework the governing party should take effort to accomplish the short-term objective of ensuring a pro-reform parliamentary majority after December 2018 and the long-term goal of imposing a progressive, fair, transparent and inclusive development strategy for the Republic of Moldova, driven by economic growth".

Vitalie Gamurari, Report Coordinator, states that the elections in 2018 are crucial for the Republic of Moldova, in conditions that the country's direction of development depends on the configuration of parliamentary coalitions. Moreover, the member of Foundation for Modern Democracy underscores that modernization of a country like the Republic of Moldova is only accomplishable by it getting closer to the European Union.