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The Foundation for a Modern Democracy (FMD) is a non-governmental and independent organization, aiming to develop the civil society and to modernize the political class in the Republic of Moldova based on the democratic norms. 

Our country needs a change of the visions shared by the NGOs involved in the state’s political and social life, as well as by the political parties, regardless of doctrines and ideologies. Only by applying Western democratic values, the Republic of Moldova may switch from the long-lasting transition stage towards the stage of development and modernization, and this is the priority for the team of the Foundation for Modern Democracy. Moreover, the FMD wishes to show that a nongovernmental organization may be useful for the Moldovan society and may function without playing background political games and aiming only to attract funds. 
We envisage getting actively involved in all the areas, from organization of educational activities for youth willing to get involved in developing and modernizing the political and social life in the Republic of Moldova to organization of conferences and political debates, which will become signals for changing the approach and the measures undertaken by politicians. We also want to be active in promoting gender equality, because women in Moldova are still discriminate or let it happen. The launch of the training programs for women so as to enhance their role in public areas will be another priority for us.

The Foundation for a Modern Democracy wants to enhance and modernize the whole civil society and left and right political forces, so as to change the mentality and the failing trends. The modernization of the State of the Republic of Moldova should be carried out through a joint effort based on values of a modern and civilized democracy. The mimicking of changes that the politicians from the old governance tried to impress us with, being supported by some notorious representatives of the civil society, brought us to stage of being a failed state, society, and democracy. We want for the Republic of Moldova to be part of the countries in which citizens are confident in their future.